The Planks



Deco Floors




Love is about spending an afternoon lounging over a cappuccino or day dreaming about a tranquil getaway to the rolling countryside of the Amalfi Coast. With Deco27 Positano, you are living your dream with subtle reminders of Italy’s breathtaking coastline in the pleasure of home.


Live in the harmony with nature brought by BC-Deco27 Sorrento. Fields of lavender and towering cypress trees in the village of Sorrento are almost touchable. Your home is indubitably the most peaceful place you want to be.


Infuse your space with the clean and sophisticated style of BC-Deco27 Montalcino. Inspired by color hues from the ultra white painted cathedrals blended with the nearby lavender gardens of Montalcino. Bring this epic beauty and expression into your home.

Turin Bianco

Be captivated by the casual white patinas of Turin Bianco. Designed with color hues after the awe inspiring snow capped Alps, Turin Bianco brings amazing therapeutic and restful white balance to your space.


Live with the warmth and casual comfort underfoot. BC-Deco27-Spezia is inspired by the sleepy villa atop the Italian island of Capri where the sea is deep blue and the smell of jasmine fills the air. It’s hard not to smile when you know your home is the best resort to unwind. Life is blissful with Spezia.